Session Three: Maker Spaces and Flipped Classrooms

Today we’re talking about two of the topics mentioned on our gigantic yellow post-it notes at the beginning of the semester: maker spaces and flipped classrooms.

Maker Spaces –

You can find some great Maker Space resources on our Pinterest page. But we are sitting in a maker space right now. This afternoon we’ll explore electricity art, 3D printing, robotics, microcontrollers, and more.

What I want us to think about is – how does the idea of “makers” connect with what your teacher candidates are learning? Are there issues with universal design for learning in maker spaces? What would you need to see in a maker space?

Read more about maker spaces as alternative recess at Barrow Elementary.

Read more about teachers in maker spaces.

Flipped Classrooms – 

We hear about flipped classrooms a lot. It’s an initiative in the CTL, K12 teachers are being asked to flip their classrooms, and it’s definitely a part of snow day discussions. View flipped classroom resources here.

How do you define a flipped classroom in your field? What activities do you have students do that would be considered “flipped”? In a job interview, how would your teacher candidates answer questions about flipped classrooms?

Genius Hour – 

Okay, this one wasn’t on the list – but we’re talking about buzz words this week and it’s a big one.

View Genius Hour resources here.

Our next session: 

Friday, March 20 12:00-3:00
Tentative Schedule: Management of 1:1 and BYOT environments, Elementary ITS Guest Speaker, Next Steps

This week’s challenges:

1. Keep talking with your teacher candidates about ISTE standards – help them to see the role technology can play in teaching and learning beyond multiple choice assessment and pre-packaged software designed for individualized instruction.

2. Email me with at least one burning question/concern you have about supporting your teacher candidates as they prepare to use technology for teaching and learning. We’ll try to address these remaining questions at our final session.


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