Employer Expectations, Planning for Instruction, Green Screen because we can

Just a few reminders before we get started:

The ITT Initiative will work with you directly to ensure your $500 travel/materials stipend is in your departmental faculty account as soon as possible. You are encouraged to select a project idea and implement it in your classroom this semester. You are also encouraged to present at the 2015 Innovation in Teaching Conference at UGA on Friday, October 23.

Additional workshop dates:

Friday, February 27  12:00-3:00 rm 114 Aderhold (this may move to River’s Crossing)
Friday, March 20       12:00-3:00 rm 114 Aderhold (may include a field trip to Barrow Elem)

Please note that ITT staff are available to assist you on a multitude of classroom initiatives.

PART ONE: Project Ideas

What projects are you planning to work on during the Academy? What support will you need? What resources will you require?

PART TWO: Employer Expectations

Ryan Vamplew is an instructional technology specialist for Gwinnett County Public Schools. He works with multiple schools to support the use of eClass – GCPS’ own LMS – similar to eLC. He’ll talk with us about employer expectations – what should teacher candidates know and be able to do in terms of technology – specifically LMS tools – when they go in for an interview. He’ll also share with us some ideas on how we can support teacher preparation in the use of LMS tools.

PART THREE: Planning for Instruction

One of the items mentioned most when you wrote out what you wanted to learn on the gigantic post-it notes was how to incorporate a technology integration expectation in your classroom. We’ll spend some time brainstorming how that expectation might be included in a current task your students have.

PART FOUR: Tool Exploration

There are so many tools to share – but I want to make sure we share at least a few new tools each session. We’ll use app dice to pick some tools to explore.

Next Session: Maker Spaces, Management of 1:1 and BYOT environments, Elementary ITS Guest Speaker (tentative)

We’ll meet Friday, February 27 from 12-3. I may need to change the location to River’s Crossing – but I’ll work with you on parking if that is the case and I’ll let you know well in advance.

This week’s challenges:

  1. Share the ISTE standards with your students. Share this article: “There’s no app for good teaching”
  2. Talk with any practicum students about how to locate available resources.
  3. Ask students about their “hopes and fears” for technology use in classrooms (you might be kind of surprised by their answers. Better yet, offer them an incentive to respond to a related question on FlipGrid: http://flipgrid.com/#6adb4b01 or use the code: 6adb4b01 if they are using any iOS device with the free FlipGrid app
  4. Ask your students what an “LMS” is – so they can at least explain it in an interview 🙂

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