Session One: Getting our Bearings

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So, that’s what a few members of #mschat suggested we talk about today. SAMR, growth mindset, and problem solving are definitely things we need to talk about during our academy. But I want to spend time today finding out from all of you what we ought to talk about. My goal for this academy is not instructor show and tell. I believe this academy provides us with an opportunity to share our own innovations and our modifications to our curriculum to address the technology and teaching needs of teacher candidates. We’ve all been in schools and seen what’s out there. Now, how do we prepare teacher candidates to thrive in those environments?

One issue I always find when working with faculty is that we all think that we’re not really doing anything different from anyone else.  That’s why I love this video.

So – my hope is that we’ll all share great things we’re already doing and new things we are willing to try. I can’t imagine what the combined years of teaching experience are in this room. Let’s not waste it.

PART ONE: Logistics

The ITT Initiative will work with you directly to ensure your $500 travel/materials stipend is in your departmental faculty account as soon as possible. You are encouraged to select a project idea and implement it in your classroom this semester. You are also encouraged to present at the 2015 Innovation in Teaching Conference at UGA on Friday, October 23.

Additional workshop dates:

Friday, February 13 12:00-3:00 rm 114 Aderhold
Friday, February 27  12:00-3:00 rm 114 Aderhold
Friday, March 20       12:00-3:00 rm 114 Aderhold

Please note that ITT staff are available to assist you on a multitude of classroom initiatives.

PART TWO: What are we doing here?

What are you seeing when you visit schools? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your teacher candidates in terms of technology integration? What are your concerns about what you see? What makes you excited about K12 classrooms? What do you see as your role as COE faculty?

Using the EdTech Cheat Sheet, What Do You Want Kids to do With Technology chart, NETS-Student and Teacher standards, the New Media Consortium Horizon Report, and our Pinterest board  — where should our focus be this semester?

Using the gigantic post-its – write out some goals you have for our workshop sessions.

PART THREE: What can it look like?

Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) is a media specialist at Barrow Elementary. He blogs almost daily about the types of activities going on at Barrow and in the media center.  Take a few minutes to read a blog entry or two and we’ll talk about what this kind of “classroom” means for teacher preparation. What about this classroom? What does this expectation mean for our teacher candidates?

For our workshops – I’d like us to consider a few organizing frameworks:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – using technology to support multiple means of representation, action, expression, and engagement

SAMR  – Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition

TPACK  – Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge

PART FOUR: Diving in

*This section may change based on feedback during Part One*

Let’s explore a topic or two before we go. We’ll roll the dice to select a topic and then we’ll use each other and our Pinterest board as a launching point for further discussion.

PART FIVE: Workshop reflections and a challenge

One of the things I have challenged myself to do this semester is to take time for the reflective thinking that I ask my students to do. One way to do that is to blog every day that I teach (same as Andy Plemmons and Megan Hayes-Golding) I heard Megan speak at EdCamp Atlanta (we’ll talk about edcamps soon). She sets a timer on her phone to remind her to take a daily picture – obvious to her, amazing to me!

How many of you are willing to take on that challenge with me? How might having such a blog model for teacher candidates about reflection as professional development? I’ll walk you through getting started with a blog on WordPress– but you could really use any tool to do this. It’s just better if it’s public – or your teacher candidates won’t see it. What if you reflected on your own struggles with using technology in your own teaching? If they don’t see the struggles with have with teaching – how will they cope when they inevitable struggle?

Challenges for our next session (all are optional, of course)

  1. Think about a project you might work on during the academy that will benefit your current students.
  2. Work on a reflective teaching blog.
  3. Read the first chapter of Howland,  J.L., Jonassen,D., & Marra, R.M. (2011).
    Meaningful learning with technology. (Fourth ed.). Boston, M.A. : Allyn.
  4. Read the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report 2014 K12 Edition.

Next meeting – Friday, February 12 12:00-3:00 rm 116 Aderhold


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